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Vocal Development

In our Voice department, all technical aspects of singing are fully addressed, giving the singer optimum control of his or her vocal instrument, with the best possible results, regardless of genre or “style” of music performed. A singer looking to become a pro, or a younger student, with an interest in this area will work with a senior BSMA faculty member to prepare for the professional program.

In this area, range, pitch, power and stamina are handled. Professional singers or Professional Public speakers with vocal blowout, hoarseness, or similar concerns handle these often frustrating problems. This approach for singers addresses equally well, singers of classical styles, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, Folk, Hip-Hop, Pop, Theater and more.

All Voice Programs are not the same. Finding the right program is the first step.

NOTE:  ALL voice students new to BSMA, must have an initial interview and lesson with the Voice department chair, for proper placement, before registration can be finalized.

Initial Lesson Fee:  35 for children and adults.

Call to learn more about Vocal Development at BSMA, or register below and our staff will schedule your first session.

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