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Piano Lessons

You can learn to play the piano and experience one of the most rewarding ways to start the study of music. Piano Lessons are a perfect start. The piano or keyboard is a visually linear instrument, as is the written language of music. This makes learning to read, write and play music more direct with the piano.

When you take piano lessons, with a qualified piano teacher, you are starting on the right track. Whether it is a child of 3 1/2 or an adult starting music study for the first time, piano lessons give you the right foundation. Here at the school, older children, or adults returning to piano lessons will find highly competent teachers and a fresh approach to their instrument. Here your piano lessons clearly cover the fundamentals, as well more advanced concepts, and get you playing what YOU want to play, as quickly as possible.

We begin formal piano lessons for children as young as 3 1/2, and beginners of all ages. If you are an adult, willing to “face your fears” about prior study in piano, we offer a safe place to fix where you left off. Our piano teachers are experienced pro performers, with up to 30 years teaching experience, who love to teach.

Tuition is yearly.  Some students pay by monthly installment.  See tuition pricing here.

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