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Music Performers Stage Mastery Course

Pro Department Course: Music Performers Stage Mastery  this course gives students increased confidence and mastery of their own stage presence and performance. This course is offered as a 3-session series so that the student can master key skills necessary to perform successfully. A step-by-step program, with concepts given at just the right pace, giving the student an opportunity to use the skills that they have gained in real-life settings between sessions.

This powerful seminar series is designed for performers and aspiring performers, ages 12 and up, of all levels, who are looking for improvement in level of comfort, competence and confidence before, during and after performances.

Although this course is designed for all music performers, singers and solo musicians who sing may see particularly dramatic results. This is a fun and engaging seminar where you will gain new skills to take your music performance to a new, improved level.

NOTE: Professional Performance coaching and Audition Coaching is available as Private session.  Contact us by phone for more info.

Each session is 4 hours, with a break.
Level 1 (two sessions): Covers the basics of performance,
Level 2 & 3 : Cover advanced performance concepts.

Equipment and Refreshments will be provided. Class size is limited.

Level 1 (two 4-hour sessions): 295
Level 2 (one 4-hour sessions): 195
Level 3 (one 4-hour session): 395
Master Classes: tuition varies, call for details

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