Music Classes for Young Children - Children ages 2 yrs 10 mos and up

MusicSkool for Kids™

Parents of children ages 3 1/2 years  to 4  – there are many choices for music instruction. Music Classes for young children at Boston School of Music Arts include private lessons or our group classes.  For children under 3 1/2, we encourage group music class as the best value for parents’ time and your child’s experience.

Private lessons in piano, violin or drums for children ages 3 1/2 and up are available. We recommend first scheduling a trial lesson, to be certain that this is the correct time for your child. Each child is different, and we want to ensure that your child has the best music experience, and starts out right.

Our MusicSkool for Kids™ class, created by the co-founder,  Sharon Shenkar. Our intention is to engage very young children in various styles and basic concepts of music.  It is also our goal to expose them to a broad range of musical artists and composers through the mediums of music play, dance and visual art. It is fun and engaging, and fosters independent creative expression in your child.

MusicSkool for kidsTM is a fun music class for young children ages 2 years, 10 months to 3 1/2, combines music appreciation, singing, movement, rhythm, art, and original music creations. Students will own and/or play entry level string, wind, and percussive instruments. Students learn how to use their innate creative expression to learn new music concepts. This weekly class is ideal for introducing students not quite ready for private music study, to some basic music concepts, in a fun and engaging way. Taught by experienced BSMA faculty member. Very small group class size, great teacher to student ratio. Materials and instrument fee included.


Tuition: 109/month, includes materials and instruments. May also register for 12 consecutive lessons for 325 (special terms may apply).

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