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Bass Guitar Lessons

Learning to play the bass guitar can be very rewarding.  Bass Guitar Lessons can get you going. The bass carries the rhythm of a band, in partnership with the drummer. It is also a melodic instrument, being a guitar. The voices carried by a skilled bassist with music are limitless.

There are so many “learn bass guitar online” sites these days that you can get started that way. One common problem, though, is how do you know when you’ve done it right – or wrong. Well, that is something only a good teacher can help you with. We have great teachers.

With our bass guitar lessons you get the fundamentals. You also learn how to play the songs that YOU love! Our earliest age for bass guitar lessons is generally 7, but younger students may be accepted after interview and approval.

We welcome students of all ages and levels. For adults willing to “face their fears” about prior study in music, we offer a safe place pick up where you left off.

Playing the bass guitar is a valuable skill.

All bass guitar lessons are not the same. Finding the right school is the first step.

Tuition is yearly.  Some students pay by monthly installment.  See tuition pricing here.

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