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Bands and Ensembles

BSMA Music lessons, our students really get a solid music foundation. In addition to lessons, however, we recommend that private lessons students, at some point in their study, consider adding a band or ensemble group class along the way. Its a great way to improve confidence, make friends, and accelerate your progress.

Our ongoing bands and ensembles are by teacher recommendation, and Music Director approval or audition. From Baroque era music to Jazz to Funk or Rock, there’s something for every taste. Some bands may write and record their own music as part of their assignment.

We also coach aspiring bands and ensembles.

Violin ensemble – Ages 7 and up: 67/month – Weekly.  Includes FREE Monthly “String Party” (For BSMA Private lessons students)
“The Band”™ (by interview and audition only): 79/month
“The Band”™ Jr. – ages 6 to 9 (by interview and audition only): 67/month

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